London BDSM Mistress

This London Mistress offers the best BDSM sessions in London and Kent, comprising a wide variety of fetish interests to suit novices and extreme players.  She will tease and torment, while leaving you in no doubt who is in control.  A true Dominatrix specialising in role play, foot fetish, strap-on, humiliation and sissification.

You will come away from this BDSM session with life’s cobwebs blown away and the special tingling that comes from hitting that ‘sweet spot’.  Roleplay is full of fetish fun, but be prepared for the chill of fear when you wonder if it has become reality.  Do you yearn to be overpowered?  Tied and bound?  Rendered powerless to escape the delicious restraints of bondage, all the while wondering what fetish wickedness Mistress has in store for you?

This London Dominatrix loves to use the cane, but closely watches Her victim’s body language to ensure things don’t go too far…or indeed that they do go far enough!  Safe words are respected and sessions are safe, sane and consensual.

London BDSM Mistress

Do you yearn to dress in women’s clothing to be humiliated and made to serve a powerful Dominatrix?  Lady Godiva is the London Mistress who knows how to truly humiliate you and put you in your place.  If you’re lucky, she will totally dominate you while expertly using Her strap-on.  Gently at first, until you surrender to the bliss of true abandon.

Maybe you have years of experience in BDSM and want to try a new Mistress, push the boundaries further, or try something new.  Perhaps you’ve always fancied giving BDSM a try but feel nervous and unsure what it is you really want.  Either way, Lady Godiva is the best London Mistress for you right now.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you know you crave today…take action or live with regret!


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London BDSM Mistress

At Canary Wharf this Thurs 27 April and Fri 28th

Session before or after work, or perhaps between meetings

Exclusive apartment – foot fetish, strap-on, humiliation, sissification and domestic sessions

Thursday availability 3.30 pm until late; Friday from 6 am. Minimum booking time is 30 minutes

Email / call 07847 842254

Pegging / Forced Bi Party Thu 20 May 2017 3-6 pm

Dartford, Kent

A £50 deposit secures your place / 07847 842254

BDSM Mistress


of London and Kent


you’ll believe is real

Total control

of your mind, body and soul


to explore your fantasy?

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strict office Mistress


I will dominate you and put you in your place

Mistress Ballbusting London


Ballbusting, CBT and the cane are not for the feint hearted

Foot fetish

Foot fetish

Worship My feet


You will dress up and amuse Me while I relax

strict aunt


You’ve been a naughty boy and need to be spanked

Bondage Mistress


Restrained with leather straps, rope and chains…there’s no escape

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Should I phone You or send an email?

You can try phoning, but bear in mind that if I am in a session or otherwise busy I will not answer the phone. If you do phone, leave a voicemail so I know whether it’s OK to phone you back.

Emailing is better, as I can give My full attention to your request at a convenient time.

You could send a text instead of an email, but be sure to include information such as your name, suggested date, interests and location for the session (London or Kent). Just saying, “Hi” won’t get a response from Me.

How do I book a session with You?

Send Me a polite message by email to: or by using the contact form at the bottom of this webpage, stating your main interests, whether you would prefer a London or Kent location and any date(s) you are free.

How much are Your sessions?

My tribute is £180 an hour or £300 for two hours for most sessions. Particular specialties can be more.

I also offer phonechat, Skype chat (messaging), Skype video calling, WhatsApp video calling and webcamming. My rates are: phonechat £1.50 / minute; Skype chat (messaging) £1.50 / minute; Skype or WhatsApp video calling (via a good quality HD webcam) £30 for the first 10 minutes, then £2.00 a minute thereafter.

Can I negotiate for a cheaper price?

No you cannot. This would be insulting and just irritate Me. Would you haggle with your dentist? Enough said

If you really cannot afford a session but are keen to book, you may contact Me to discuss a saving plan whereby you pay an affordable amount each month.

How much notice do You need to book a session?

Ideally at least the day before. The earlier the better. I occasionally do same day bookings, but you must realise that I may not be at home when you contact Me, so allow plenty of travel time, plus time for Me to plan, get changed and book the venue.

I've never done this before. Does that matter?

Not at all. I’m used to dealing with novices and newbies, so rest assured, you’re in safe hands. I will allow plenty of time to chat beforehand and I will not force you to do anything you are not into. You will have a safeword which you can used at any time to stop or slow things down.

What is the booking process? How does it work?

We’ll arrange a suitable day and time when you first make contact, which will be penciled into My diary. I will ask for a deposit to secure the booking (£50 for a one hour session / £100 for a two hour session).  The remaining tribute amount is payable on arrival.  The deposit can be paid by bank transfer, over the counter in a Halifax bank, or by PayPal.

Do You offer phonechat, WhatsApp or Skype?

Yes I do. My rates are: phonechat £1.50 / minute; Skype chat (messaging) £1.50 / minute; Skype or WhatsApp video calling (via a good quality HD webcam) £30 for the first 10 minutes, then £2.00 a minute thereafter.

You will need to pay before we start the chat session. It’s best to pre-book, but I can sometimes do this straightaway. I will give you the payment details over the phone or by text, but I’ll not sit and chat right there and then. As soon as your payment has gone through, the chat can begin.

Where do you hold Your sessions?

This depends on the type of session. Some sessions require a dungeon environment, whereas others such as foot worship and domestic sessions are often better in an apartment or good quality hotel.

In Kent I use Demonics Dungeon, which is near Dartford. It has two fully equipped dungeon rooms, a medical wing, domestic area and bedroom for overnight bookings.

I use several locations in London, including Better Than a Bed, London BDSM Chambers (which has an excellent schoolroom) and Blue Door Dungeon


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I just had a wonderful session with Lady Godiva. I had requested a kidnap scenario, and mistress did not disappoint.As soon as she entered the room, I was under her spell. She quickly had be stripped, bound with cuffs and thrust a ball gag in my mouth.


After a brief chat on the phone to discuss what my limits, preferences and previous experiences were, we arranged a date.
Our first session was brilliant. Having never served like this before I was dressed up like a maid, serving drinks and generally being bossed about.  After a couple of wrongly worded answers I was given the name cheeky which was written on my forehead in red lipstick and left me feeling brilliantly humiliated.


Lady Godiva is a lot of fun. She giggles and laughs non-stop, no matter what sort of predicament this school slut gets herself into. Yesterday we went shopping for a large schoolgirl uniform, but naughty Bessie Bunter been eating too many cream bums. We had to settle for an adult size 20 office girl’s outfit


Lady Godiva was open to my role play scenario and why I wanted to act it out. I asked LG to be a magistrate sentencing and punishing an immature adult for harassing executive- dressed women on a train by peering up their skirts and seeing their knickers. She performed this well with her high class accent and authoritative air befitting of a magistrate.


I liked her immediately and immensely. We had a fabulous low protocol session, laughing and chatting one minute, getting serious the next. I have a spinal condition which makes some positions impossible to adopt, and can make sessions rather stop-start. She was very sensitive to this, and found ways around my inflexibility. She is clearly adept at this sort of free-form session. Sharply intelligent and verbally dexterous, she works with her sub’s limitations and confidently switches activity at whim.


My request was for a role-play scenario where I was to be a disgruntled slave asking my Mistress for a pay rise. Included was ballbusting, trampling, foot-worship and wrestling/sparring, with Her being very strict on me. I certainly got what I bargained for and more. I was actually quite taken aback by how severe and stern Mistress was. It was actually pretty damned frightening.



Adult babies



Boot worship

Breath play


Cock and ball torture

Corporal punishment

Dildo training

Dog training


Email domination


Fantasy wrestling


Financial domination



Foot worship

Forced bi




Human furniture



Knife play

Maid training

Medical play


Needle play

Nipple torture

Obedience training


Pet training

Pony training


Rope bondage

School room

Sensory deprivations

Slave training






Wax play

Trampling banana sexy foot fetish

“Look at you lying there, all pathetic.  I have you under my feet and I'm going to play awhile.  Gently… gently.  Ooh, ooh can I resist?  No I can't.  I have to crush; I have to squash.  Squish, squash.  Ooh to feel it under my feet; it's delightful.  I love the sexy...

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BDSM Mistress Lady Godiva High Class Dominatrix

So who really is Lady Godiva, the BDSM Mistress?  I’m a classy, sassy kind of a Lady who happens to have a penchant for BDSM.  Can’t help it, it’s just the way I am.  That’s how I ended up becoming a Professional Dominatrix and BDSM Mistress.  It’s the career of My...

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Punished by Mistress

“You’ve been a very naughty boy and you deserve to be punished by Mistress.” is all he could remember Her saying.  He’d been alone in the room only a few minutes, but it seemed like a lifetime.  “Wait in there and think about what you’ve done.”  he heard through the...

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BDSM Sessions with London Mistress

BDSM sessions with London Mistress Lady Godiva “What will happen to me?”  I hear you ask.  “How do I know if I’ll like it?”  “How should I approach Her?”  Well much of whether this BDSM session ends up being a successful encounter depends entirely upon you. I like a...

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Time to get your kinky boots on – bootfetish Mistress

I’ve always loved the change of seasons.  Much as I love to wear stiletto sandals that show off My very lick-able, painted toes and slender arches; autumn has begun and My passion for boots is rekindled.  I delight as I gently feed a foot into a kinky boot, pointing...

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What does BDSM mean to Lady Godiva?

Even the letters BDSM mean different things to different people.  Some say it’s strictly ‘bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism’, while others insist the D is for dominance and the S for submission.  I don’t feel it really matters all that much, as BDSM seems to...

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Foot worship – serve your Mistress

I am one of the lucky ones, blessed with the tools to get what I want.  Being on the receiving end of foot worship makes Me tick and I have perfect feet that just demand attention.  A match made in heaven if you ask Me! Well let Me tell you, foot worship means...

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Ballbusting Extravaganza – Part 2

I remember as a small child the urge to squeeze My pet hamster was almost unbearable.  Resist as I might, every now and then I found Myself drawn in, as if by a strong magnet.  I’d watch as My hands formed a perfect noose around its body.  I pretended to Myself that...

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How I became a Dominatrix by Lady Godiva

I’m often asked how I got into BDSM and more importantly how I became a Dominatrix.  Are you kneeling comfortably?  Then I’ll begin… I grew up quite a tomboy; assertive, full of energy, competitive and always beating the boys at whatever I did (pun intended of...

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