Over the years it’s been said many times that I am a natural Dominatrix; born into this role.  I have always had men throwing themselves at My feet and begging to worship Me.  I am a Goddess with the looks of an angel, but men cower to their knees in My presence.  Despite this power and control, Mistress listens well and has the innate ability to know exactly what each sub truly desires.

You will grow and learn under My command, like you’ve never experienced before.  You will be reborn. Do not let My feminine looks deceive you.  I will control every fibre of your being.  Although I can be very approachable and pleasant company, do not be fooled into a false sense of security.  I will take you to your limits and beyond, to a place you have never dared go before, but remember this…I am a SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL Mistress, and always respect safe words. London Mistress, Dominatrix, London Dominatrix

Foot fetish Footworship London Mistress

With an impeccable upbringing I am very much a Lady, however I am certainly no stranger to the depths of depravity that I know you so desperately wish to explore.  I’ve also been told I look very sexy when being evil.

I have a vast range of experience that breathes life into each and every session.  I am sophisticated and intelligent, boasting a First Class Honours Biology Degree…so beware…I know your body inside and out.  No stranger to the corporate world, I will tear you apart in the boardroom.  Any cheek from you in the classroom and you won’t sit down for a week!  I am extremely good with a cane and can cater for cautious beginners to seasoned masochists and everything in between.

London Mistress Dominatrix

I am an expert swordswoman who fights like an Amazon warrior – knife play and sword play are second nature to me.  I also love to wrestle and My strength will surprise you!  A keen and accomplished horse rider, I will expertly train you to carry out My every command.  Woe betide you if you disobey!  My skill with a strap-on is renowned and I will give you the ride of your life, if you dare.

I love role play, cherishing every sweet moment as though it were reality.  I know that you will too; losing yourself in the fantasy.  But be prepared for the chill of fear that will take over your very soul, when you begin to wonder if you have lost your mind.

London Mistress, Dominatrix, foot worship

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This London Dominatrix holds most of Her sessions in London and Kent

I am neither a prostitute nor an escort, so please do not request sexual services from Me as these will be denied!