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What’s happening in the fetish world of Lady Godiva?

BDSM Dog Training Sessions with Lady Godiva

Dog Training with Leather MistressHow I love dog training sessions. To have you under my complete control. Following me everywhere, obeying my every command. You can hear my leather garments creaking with every movement I make through the lovely doggie hood you’re...

Your Perfect Leather Mistress

Wouldn’t you love to meet your perfect leather Mistress? The one that totally captures your heart and soul. Does She exist, you ask yourself? Of course She does. You’re listening to Her right now. Lean in a little closer. Go on… you know you want to smell that...

Foot Worship Sessions and More… with Lady Godiva

Foot Worship on YouTube It amazes me how many people still don’t know I offer foot worship sessions. I get enquiries from my YouTube channel fans who’ve been watching my videos for a year or so, wondering if I would ever consider meeting in person. They...

How to choose the best London BDSM Mistress

Choosing the best London BDSM Mistress Where to start? You want to book a session with a London BDSM Mistress. How do you know which one? There are so many to choose from. The list seems to change all the time, with new Mistresses appearing daily. Which Mistresses are...

Foot Worship Paradise

With the arrival of summer, Ladies everywhere are baring their soles to the world.  Sexy painted toes and wrinkled soles on view everywhere it seems.  A foot worshipper’s dream!  If you are into foot fetish and foot worship, then you’re more than aware of this. It’s...

Foot Fetish Fun with Trampling and Bananas

Foot Fetish Scenario “Look at you lying there, all pathetic.  You have a foot fetish and I have you under my feet and I'm going to play awhile.  Gently… gently.  Ooh, ooh can I resist?  No I can't.  I have to crush; I have to squash.  Squish, squash.  Ooh to feel it...

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