My Fetish Body Transformation Programme

A Superb Blend of Health and Kink

My Fetish Body Transformation is perfect for kinksters!

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What is it?

You’ll start the year with a concrete way forward. This will enable you to finally become healthier and fitter than ever! When you are on the right track with Mistress pushing you all the way, this is finally possible!

I don’t know if you realise, but I’m also a highly qualified health and fitness coach. I’ve been using my expertise to develop an online system, designed especially for kinksters, that works fast to get you back on track and into the best shape of your life.

With daily emails, recipes, meal plans and exercise demos by me, how can you fail? I’ll be cracking the whip to keep you on track!


But how does it all work?

After our initial strategy call, I will know where you are now and your goals. I give you instructions on how to prepare this week, plus your personalised plan for the programme. We start on Monday!


Do I need equipment?

In the ideal world you’ll get yourself some adjustable dumbbells. Argos has a set of dumbbells with weight plates, so you can change the weight, for just £36. We can discuss other options.

Otherwise we can improvise with 5 litre bottles of water, etc. I have ways of modifying all exercises to make them effective.


How long is the programme?

The exercise plan is for 2 months

You get lifetime access to the programme, so you can repeat it whenever you wish


What does the programme include?

  • This is a comprehensive package of information on your best food and exercises for fat loss and muscle gain
  • Exercise plan, demo videos and meal planning are all provided
  • I offer a video call where we can go through your form with the exercises, to ensure you are doing them correctly and modify if necessary
  • You will get weekly emails with meal plans, recipes and exercises
  • You will also get a daily email reminder to keep you on track

You will call me weekly (at a pre-arranged time) for a catch up on how you are progressing

How Do I Sign Up?

Call for an initial consultation


Further questions?

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Call Me

07847 842254
(+44) 7847 842254

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