Famous Foot Fetishists

Famous Foot Fetishists

Famous People with Foot Fetishes – From celebrities to historical figures, this post explores the lives of people who have had a fascination with feet

As a Dominatrix, I understand the importance of exploring and accepting one’s sexual desires. Foot fetish is a topic that has been shrouded in taboo and shame for far too long.

In this blog post, we delve into the lives of famous people with foot fetishes, from historical figures to modern-day celebrities. But first, let’s define what a foot fetish is.

A foot fetish is a sexual attraction or interest in feet. This fascination can range from a simple appreciation for the aesthetics of feet to a deep-seated desire to engage in sexual activity involving feet.

Foot fetishes are not uncommon and can be found across all genders, sexual orientations, and ages. However, those who have a foot fetish often face stigmatization and judgment from society.

Let’s take a look at some historical figures with foot fetishes…
King Farouk of Egypt was known for his love of feet and would often request that his guests remove their shoes so he could admire their feet. And who can blame him 😉

Casanova, the famous lover and seducer, was said to have a fondness for feet, and it was rumoured that he would often kiss and caress the feet of his lovers. That sounds fabulous to me!

Napoleon Bonaparte had a particular fascination with the feet of his second wife, Marie Louise, and would often kiss and suck on them.

The Marquis de Sade, known for his erotic and often violent writings, also had a foot fetish and included many foot-related scenes in his work. I bet there’s no surprise there! I can feel another blog coming on, solely about this famous character.

Moving on to modern-day celebrities, we have Quentin Tarantino, the director, and screenwriter of films such as ‘Kill Bill’, ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’. He has spoken publicly about his foot fetish, stating that he finds feet to be very erotic and enjoys including scenes of feet in his films.

There is a fabulous scene in ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’ where a sexy woman dances on a table and pours wine down her leg, to fill a glass from the end of her toes. It’s worth watching that film for that clip alone. Very raunchy!

Britney Spears has also been rumoured to have a foot fetish, and there are photos of her licking her own feet, although I suspect that was more to excite her fans than anything else.

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, was known for his love of women’s feet, and it was claimed that he would often ask his female partners to keep their socks on during sex. That’s a new one on me!

Even Jay Leno, the former host of The Tonight Show, has been open about his foot fetish and has admitted to having a particular fondness for women’s toes.

But what are the common themes amongst those with foot fetishes?

Objectification of feet is one theme that often arises. Feet are seen as objects of desire rather than an extension of a person’s body.

The psychological roots of a foot fetish can vary from person to person. For some, it may stem from childhood experiences, while others may develop a foot fetish as a result of exposure to foot-related media.

So, how can foot fetishes be incorporated into sexual experiences? There are various ways to include feet in sexual play, from kissing and massaging to incorporating feet into bondage and domination play.
Unfortunately, foot fetishes are still seen as taboo and controversial by many.

It is of course essential to recognise that consenting adults have the right to engage in sexual activities of their choosing, including foot fetishes, as long as it does not harm anyone.

I know plenty of foot fetishists who delight in watching women’s feet in summertime, exposed in sandals or even bare feet. What a sight for a foot lover!

Studies have shown that foot fetishes are relatively common and can be considered a normal variation of human sexuality.

It’s also important to distinguish between a foot fetish and a foot fascination. A foot fascination is merely an appreciation of feet without any sexual desire, whereas a foot fetish involves sexual attraction or arousal.

If you have a foot fetish, embrace it and find someone you can explore this with.

I love foot fetish and foot worship sessions… as you well know 😉

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Foot Fetish and BDSM

Foot Fetish and BDSM

Foot Fetish and BDSM – How foot fetishism is related to BDSM and how this sexual fetish can be incorporated into BDSM play in a safe and consensual way

Foot fetish is a relatively common form of sexual fetishism that involves a strong sexual attraction to feet or footwear. While this fetish is often associated with BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism), it is important to note that not all individuals who have a foot fetish are interested in BDSM. I must admit it’s one of my personal favourites, as I adore having my feet worshipped by an obedient slave!

In this blog post, we will explore the connection between foot fetish and BDSM, how it can be incorporated into BDSM play in a safe and consensual way, and why some individuals find it appealing.

BDSM is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of sexual practices that involve power dynamics, role-playing, and consensual acts of domination and submission. BDSM can involve a variety of activities, including bondage, spanking, sensory deprivation, and much more.

One of the most common ways that foot fetishism is incorporated into BDSM is through foot worship. Foot worship involves the submissive partner paying homage to the dominant partner’s feet. This can include kissing, licking, and massaging the feet. Foot worship can be a highly intimate act and can be used to establish dominance and submission within a BDSM relationship.

Another way that foot fetishism is incorporated into BDSM is through foot domination. Foot domination involves the dominant partner using their feet to exert control over the submissive partner. This can include trampling, stepping on, or smothering the submissive partner with their feet. Foot domination can be an intense form of BDSM play that requires a high level of trust and communication between partners.

There are a variety of reasons why foot fetishism is appealing to some individuals within the BDSM community. For some, it is a way to explore power dynamics and control within a relationship. For others, it is a way to explore sensory play and engage in intimate acts of body worship. Additionally, for individuals who have a foot fetish outside of BDSM, incorporating it into BDSM play can provide a safe and consensual space to explore their fetish with a partner who understands and accepts their desires.

When incorporating foot fetishism into BDSM play, it is important to do so in a safe and consensual way. Communication is key when it comes to BDSM play, and this is especially true when incorporating a fetish like foot fetishism. Before engaging in any BDSM play, partners should discuss their boundaries, limits, and desires to ensure that they are on the same page. This can include discussing what activities are off-limits, how much pressure is comfortable during foot worship or domination, and any potential triggers that may need to be avoided.

When engaging in BDSM play that involves foot fetishism, partners should also be aware of any potential health risks. For example, foot domination can involve a high degree of pressure and weight on the submissive partner’s body, which can result in bruising or other injuries. It is important to start slow and gradually build up to more intense forms of foot domination to ensure that both partners are comfortable and safe.

It is important to note that foot fetishism, like all forms of BDSM, should always be practiced in a safe, sane, and consensual manner. This means that all partners involved in BDSM play should be aware of the potential risks and take steps to mitigate them. Additionally, all partners should be able to withdraw their consent at any time and feel safe doing so without fear of retribution.

When incorporating foot fetishism into BDSM play, it is important to communicate openly and establish clear boundaries, use safe and clean equipment, be aware of potential health risks, and establish clear aftercare protocols. Ultimately, the key to incorporating foot fetishism into BDSM play is to ensure that all partners involved feel safe, respected, and comfortable throughout the entire experience.

If you are looking for the perfect introduction to the delights of foot fetish, you can book an in-person session with me in Kent or London

Another great option, particularly if you are too far away, is a custom video or video chat with me.

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Foot Worship Paradise

Foot Worship Paradise

Foot worship sexy feet
With the arrival of summer, Ladies everywhere are baring their soles to the world.  Sexy painted toes and wrinkled soles on view everywhere it seems.  A foot worshipper’s dream!  If you are into foot fetish and foot worship, then you’re more than aware of this. It’s probably the sole reason you’ve been waiting for summer since last autumn. I love displaying My feet whenever I get the chance.  A lovely pair of stilettos always show them off beautifully, especially when My sexy toes peep out.  I catch men staring as I walk past, then they notice I’ve spotted them and quickly look away. Bet they look again, but I never glance back to check. I just walk on and let them stare.
What I really enjoy best though, is a good foot massage.  I can’t begin to imagine how some people hate having their feet touched! That’s just plain weird, as far as I’m concerned!! An expert foot massage makes Me feel like I’m in heaven. It sends me into a trance and I never want it to stop.  The waves of ecstasy ride up and down My body, like pulsating bursts of joy.  I just can’t describe how good the feeling is.  I look forward to foot worship sessions tremendously, as I gain true service and pleasure from them. Wouldn’t every foot worshipper love to have that magic touch.  To confidently put their Mistress into foot worship bliss.  Is this just a gift that a lucky few are born with, or can it be learnt? A confident, firm touch makes all the difference. Having expert tuition allows you to become more confident, as you then know what you’re doing.  Once the basics are mastered, then experimentation can come in, but not before.  A common mistake is moving around the foot too quickly, trying out many different techniques all at once.  This makes the experience very rushed and disjointed. No feelings of bliss here.
Another mistake is to never really take hold of the foot.  You have to let your Mistress trust that you are fully taking care of Her foot so that She can truly relax.  No good if you’re meekly touching Her toes, while She is struggling to hold Her foot up for you. Wouldn’t you love the chance to pamper Mistress in this way? To make Me feel like I’m in heaven? Well you probably already know that you can book a foot worship session with Me.  But did you know that I can also offer foot massage tuition?
Foot worship Mistress London
I am an expert teacher and love training new slaves to massage My feet properly, so that a truly good massage is the result.  It’s amazing how quickly some of you learn to become skilled experts, with the correct tuition. I feel that this a valuable service that sends a far better slave off into the world. I’m currently developing a slave’s guide to foot massage and pampering. Is this something you’d like to see? Let Me know in the comments below. In the meantime, book a foot worship session and start your training now.

Foot Fetish Fun with Trampling and Bananas

Foot Fetish Scenario

“Look at you lying there, all pathetic.  You have a foot fetish and I have you under my feet and I’m going to play awhile.  Gently… gently.  Ooh, ooh can I resist?  No I can’t.  I have to crush; I have to squash.  Squish, squash.  Ooh to feel it under my feet; it’s delightful.  I love the sexy feeling as it comes through between my toes.  Oh a bit fell off.  Oh, oh a bit more!  My greedy, hungry feet searching for more morsels all the time.  Ah, ooh, it’s becoming a lovely, lovely warm mess underfoot now.  I’m enjoying this so much.  Wish you were here to see it properly.  Have a look.  Ooh those wrinkled soles, covered in banana.  This one too.  Stuck between my toes.  Look, just rub it off onto my feet.  Ooh rub it up my leg a little.  Ah between the toes how divine!”

Foot worship, messy fetish, toe sucking and trampling are just a few of the many foot fetish sessions I offer in either my London or Kent chambers. Foot fetish is a sexy treat and combining it with messy fun with food or goo and other sloppy items make an enjoyable and sometimes funny scene with your professional mistress. Book now

Time to get your kinky boots on – bootfetish Mistress

I’ve always loved the change of seasons.  Much as I love to wear stiletto sandals that show off My very lick-able, painted toes and slender arches; autumn has begun and My passion for boots is rekindled.  I delight as I gently feed a foot into a kinky boot, pointing My toes as I do so.  It’s even better, when there is a slave on hand to do this for you, after a delicious foot worship session with lots of massage.  Nylon clad, or barefoot, the experience is pure delight for Me.  Then massaging the tall leg of the boot up the calf, over the knee and up to My thigh.  A slow, careful zipping up and we’re done…well nearly.  Of course I then like to stand over My slave and if he’s lucky, allow him to admire his handiwork.  Then he may ask permission to watch Me as I strut around the room, feeling wonderfully sexy and truly magnificent in My kinky boots.

There’s something very sensual about a boot.  Particularly one with a high, pointed heel.  I really get the whole bootfetish and shoefetish thing.  I have these fetishes Myself.  My wardrobe is bulging with boots and shoes, yet I still can’t resist buying more.  I find ‘shoe porn’ is prevalent in every high street and I am often to be found gazing at beautiful footwear with My eyes shining brightly; fingering the leather and heels as I walk by and on to the next.  I have to take an occasional sniff, as I find the smell of leather so intoxicating.

Even as a small child I’d linger whenever I passed a leather stall at a market, sometimes staying far longer than it took to look at all the merchandise.  I used to wonder what it would be like to surround yourself with leather all day and considered a career as a leather worker for a while.  I still think about it from time to time, but now prefer to surround Myself with leather in other ways!

So with a new season upon us, I’m bound to be tempted with a new pair of kinky boots before too long.  Watch this space, as there will be photographs and session opportunities arising from My new purchases.  I may even need a new wardrobe to accommodate my ever growing collection!

Lady Godiva holds most of Her sessions at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite, Better Than a Bed and a dungeon not far from Dartford in Kent.

Foot worship – serve your Mistress

Foot worship – serve your Mistress

foot fetish, foot worship, London Mistress

I am one of the lucky ones, blessed with the tools to get what I want.  Being on the receiving end of foot worship makes Me tick and I have perfect feet that just demand attention.  A match made in heaven if you ask Me!

Well let Me tell you, foot worship means everything to Me!  It all starts with the feet.  When your gaze dares to move from floor to foot, then further.  Who among you immediately returns to the foot, or at least lingers there far longer that those who dare to continue up the leg and beyond?  Who indeed?  You know who you are! Ha ha, guilty as charged.  You are a foot worshipper and proud you should be.

foot worship, foot fetish, London MistressBut while you are worshipping away, lost in a dream, I am in heaven.  I long for the gentle caresses, licks and kisses to foot, shoe and boot alike.  From the first touch, I feel a sense of euphoria that transcends all thought.  I too am lost in a dream.  It is pure service as far as I am concerned.  A service I could happily receive forever.

In the past I’ve had people apologise profusely for their dog licking My feet.  I’d absentmindedly say, “Oh don’t worry, I’m not bothered.” Secretly wishing for it never to stop.  How disappointed I’d be when the embarrassed owner would whisk their dog away.  I now have no remorse or guilt over such things!  A human foot worshipper is preferable though, as you can tell them for how long, where and when to worship.  Plus there is the added bonus of massage, which takes things to a new level altogether.

The feeling of being pampered is absolute.  If I could bottle that feeling I’d out market any massage parlour.  Just one sniff of the prized essence would be all anyone needed to feel totally relaxed and healed.  Works for Me every time!

foot worship, foot fetish, London mistress


Lady Godiva is a foot worship London Mistress who holds most of Her sessions in and around London and Kent