Leather Fetish Sessions with Leather Amber

Leather Fetish Sessions with Leather Amber

Leather Fetish Sessions with Leather Amber

Leather Amber and I have joined forces and are offering leather fetish slaves the opportunity to serve us on Wed 11th September 2019, in north Kent. This may become a regular event, so if you miss out on this one you may email (serveladygodiva@gmail.com) to get on the list for next time.
We are both leather fetish experts and love to include breathplay, smoking fetish, bondage, boot worship and foot worship in these sessions.
You will love to see us standing over you, wearing our long leather coats, our tight leather trousers and our long leather boots. We will allow you to explore our leather boots with your tongue, but make sure you clean them properly.
We will be instructing you in how to best serve us, so pay attention.
This is an outstanding opportunity, as the tribute is at the much reduced rate of £200 per hour, to serve BOTH of us at the same time.
The location is Gravesend, Kent.
Call or email to book your leather fetish session now: 07847 842254 / serveladygodiva@gmail.com

BDSM Dog Training Sessions with Lady Godiva

BDSM Dog Training Sessions with Lady Godiva

Dog Training with Leather Mistress

How I love dog training sessions. To have you under my complete control. Following me everywhere, obeying my every command.
You can hear my leather garments creaking with every movement I make through the lovely doggie hood you’re wearing. Sniffing Mistress’s scent while it lingers tantalisingly in the air behind every stiletto-heeled footstep.
You really look the part and hesitate for a moment as you catch sight of yourself in a mirror. “Here boy!” I call. “Come!” Your attention is now back where it should be and you rush eagerly towards me.
“Good boy” I say soothingly as I stroke your head. These tender moments are what you crave as you follow my command. Your loyal nature wishes more than anything to serve and please your Mistress. “Fetch!” and off you go again, chasing the ball I just threw.
You wonder how it would be to live like this day in and day out. Eating your meals from a dog bowl on the floor. Sleeping at the foot of my bed. But for now, you have to keep your concentration to ensure you don’t slip up and get into trouble. You learnt some new commands last time and you’re eager to show how well you remember them.
The time passes quickly and you find yourself once again re-entering the ‘normal world’ outside. Dressed in human clothing feels so strange after being immersed in your doggie world with Mistress. After a few hours you get back into ‘normal life’ but still hanker after your next training session.
It can be a very intense experience to totally give in to such a roleplay session. My slaves forget who they are and become one with the fantasy. I find that I do the same, immersing myself wholeheartedly. This is probably where all the power and energy comes from, as I forget about everything else when I am in session.
All I can think about is what is happening right there and then.
Make this fantasy a reality and contact me now

Foot Worship Sessions and More… with Lady Godiva

Foot Worship Sessions and More… with Lady Godiva

Foot Worship on YouTube

It amazes me how many people still don’t know I offer foot worship sessions. I get enquiries from my YouTube channel fans who’ve been watching my videos for a year or so, wondering if I would ever consider meeting in person. They are astonished to find that this is something I do all the time.

On my YouTube channel is a link to my website and Twitter, plus mention of foot worship sessions. Maybe people don’t read any of that. Maybe I need to highlight my services better. Either way, it’s a missed opportunity all round.

Foot Worship Sessions

People LOVE my feet. When they’ve been watching my videos and then get up close and personal with my feet for the first time, they are overwhelmed. They can’t believe they waited all that time. On the other hand, I LOVE foot worship sessions. I adore my feet being caressed, kissed and pampered. I’m in heaven and want to do even more foot worship sessions.

Filming Day and Custom Videos

I have a new foot filming day coming up very soon, with Mike FF Photo. In fact, it’s next week! That will be a great opportunity to launch a new, long-awaited YouTube video for all to see.  We’re filming a few custom videos also, so if you’re interested in one of those, give me a shout serveladygodiva@gmail.com / 07847 842254. I can tailor these around your very own fantasy… mmm just imagine!

Part of the filming day will be a photoshoot, so look out for some tasty new pics of my gorgeous feet, winging their way around Twitter!

Here’s a taster of things to come…

How to choose the best London BDSM Mistress

How to choose the best London BDSM Mistress

Choosing the best London BDSM Mistress

Where to start?

You want to book a session with a London BDSM Mistress. How do you know which one? There are so many to choose from. The list seems to change all the time, with new Mistresses appearing daily. Which Mistresses are any good? Are any of them going to be compatible with you? Unless you have endless pots of money, it’s not feasible to keep making random bookings, hoping to stumble upon the ‘perfect Mistress’. You have to do your research and choose wisely. Sending emails to all and sundry seems to be a common approach. Amusingly some emails even show all the Mistresses they have been sent to. Yes really! That’s never a good way forward. I suppose the rationale is to see what comes back and pick the Mistress with the best or quickest response. You can just imagine the responses those kinds of emails get! There are numerous Mistress listing sites, but they are just a collection of adverts really, with links to each Mistress’s website. Anyone can advertise themselves in whatever way they please. Or of course, they could get someone else to do this for them. It does show you what’s out there, but is it the best way to choose the right one?

Do some research

A search on Google will result in Mistresses with good online content relating to your search term. This indicates that it is something they have felt worth writing about, which is a good thing. They must have similar interests to you, right? The problem is that it will also show all the websites that have been tweaked by a technician to rank well for that search term. The only way to tell the difference is to have a proper look at their website content. If there’s not much actual content on that subject, then it’s likely to have been engineered. But does this really matter? Google has changed over the past few years and is in the process of weeding out poor content. Its aim is that only websites with good quality content will rank in searches, while those with the ‘old style’ website tweaks will fade away. However, until this process is complete, many of these tweaked websites still rank well. It doesn’t mean those Mistresses aren’t any good at what they do. But it doesn’t mean that they are, either.

A bit more research

Here’s where you have to read, read and read some more. Unless you happen to have met the Mistress, it’s only Her online content that you have to go on. Her website pages, blogs and articles, tweets in Twitter, photographs and film clips. These all add up to create a story of what She is about. This helps you further narrow down your search. At the end of the day, you might not much care for all that. It might only be Her picture gallery and list of things She’s happy to include in a session, that interests you. That is fine if all you want is a pretty Lady to have a BDSM session with. If on the contrary, you seek a skilled professional Dominatrix, you’d be wise to look deeper than that. Anyone can look like a Dominatrix in the right clothing. If She is pretty and ‘your type’, She will look amazing. If that’s all you seek, then look no further. Once you’ve found a London BDSM Mistress whose online presence you like, there’s still more research to do. How will the two of you connect during a session? Does She really do all the things She writes about? Does She do them well…and safely? Did She actually write those words anyway? Read Her testimonials. These are valuable reviews from people just like you. After looking around they chose this Mistress to breathe life into their fantasy. The experience was obviously so good that they then made the effort to write a glowing review. I’ve had many bookings based on the content of one testimonial or another. Sometimes people have gleaned ideas from them and asked for a similar scenario in their session. You can tell a lot from a review. If what you’ve read resonates with you, it’s a sign that you’re off to a good start. If you’re still a bit unsure, why not book a Skype, webcam or phone chat session? If this is offered, it’s a good opportunity to have some one-to-one interaction and see if you have chosen wisely.

Making contact

Once you feel confident that this Mistress is ‘The one’, then it’s time to take the plunge and make direct contact. When contacting a Mistress, you want to make a good first impression. Take the time to see what method of contact is preferred and use that. Don’t text or email simply saying, “Hi” or “Are you free?” Be polite and give some detail about what you’re looking for. If email contact is preferred, then stick with that until advised otherwise. Don’t call because you didn’t get a reply within 5 minutes. Even worse, don’t ring and ring incessantly throughout the day and night. You need to be patient and await a reply. It’s unlikely that a busy Mistress will be sitting by the phone 24/7 responding to calls and emails within seconds. You may strike lucky if you chose the right moment, but if not; wait. It’s always good to have a chat on the phone at some point before the day of the session. A conversation will usually iron out any final hesitancy, on either side. It’s a good opportunity to see how you interact with each other. You may start off nervous but I find people quickly relax and feel reassured during a phone call. I don’t view this as part of the session, unless previously arranged to be so. I talk normally with people when setting up the session and do My best to put them at ease. I find this to be the best way to get a proper understanding of each other. This makes for a far better session when we meet.

Having the best BDSM session of your life

Once the phone call is done, you’ll just have to follow your gut instinct and take the plunge to commit. After all, you can never be entirely sure about anything in life, until it happens. But with a good level of research, you have far more likelihood of a truly amazing session. Take the time to research and you will find the best London BDSM Mistress for you! Randomly choosing Mistresses based on a set of photographs alone, can seriously end in bitter disappointment. You have been warned.
Foot Worship Paradise

Foot Worship Paradise

Foot worship sexy feet
With the arrival of summer, Ladies everywhere are baring their soles to the world.  Sexy painted toes and wrinkled soles on view everywhere it seems.  A foot worshipper’s dream!  If you are into foot fetish and foot worship, then you’re more than aware of this. It’s probably the sole reason you’ve been waiting for summer since last autumn. I love displaying My feet whenever I get the chance.  A lovely pair of stilettos always show them off beautifully, especially when My sexy toes peep out.  I catch men staring as I walk past, then they notice I’ve spotted them and quickly look away. Bet they look again, but I never glance back to check. I just walk on and let them stare.
What I really enjoy best though, is a good foot massage.  I can’t begin to imagine how some people hate having their feet touched! That’s just plain weird, as far as I’m concerned!! An expert foot massage makes Me feel like I’m in heaven. It sends me into a trance and I never want it to stop.  The waves of ecstasy ride up and down My body, like pulsating bursts of joy.  I just can’t describe how good the feeling is.  I look forward to foot worship sessions tremendously, as I gain true service and pleasure from them. Wouldn’t every foot worshipper love to have that magic touch.  To confidently put their Mistress into foot worship bliss.  Is this just a gift that a lucky few are born with, or can it be learnt? A confident, firm touch makes all the difference. Having expert tuition allows you to become more confident, as you then know what you’re doing.  Once the basics are mastered, then experimentation can come in, but not before.  A common mistake is moving around the foot too quickly, trying out many different techniques all at once.  This makes the experience very rushed and disjointed. No feelings of bliss here.
Another mistake is to never really take hold of the foot.  You have to let your Mistress trust that you are fully taking care of Her foot so that She can truly relax.  No good if you’re meekly touching Her toes, while She is struggling to hold Her foot up for you. Wouldn’t you love the chance to pamper Mistress in this way? To make Me feel like I’m in heaven? Well you probably already know that you can book a foot worship session with Me.  But did you know that I can also offer foot massage tuition?
Foot worship Mistress London
I am an expert teacher and love training new slaves to massage My feet properly, so that a truly good massage is the result.  It’s amazing how quickly some of you learn to become skilled experts, with the correct tuition. I feel that this a valuable service that sends a far better slave off into the world. I’m currently developing a slave’s guide to foot massage and pampering. Is this something you’d like to see? Let Me know in the comments below. In the meantime, book a foot worship session and start your training now.

Punished by Mistress

“You’ve been a very naughty boy and you deserve to be punished by Mistress.” is all he could remember Her saying.  He’d been alone in the room only a few minutes, but it seemed like a lifetime.  “Wait in there and think about what you’ve done.”  he heard through the closed door.  As instructed, he’d lowered his trousers and pants and was bent over the whipping bench.  So many thoughts raced through his mind.  “What will She do to me?”  “Will I stand the pain?”  “How long will I have to wait?”  “Will I enjoy it and get an erection?  Oh how embarrassing!  Will I be punished for that too?”

His heart raced as he wondered if he’d be lucky enough to be bent over Her knee for a spanking.  “Will I manage to catch a glimpse of Her thighs?”  “Would She notice if I touched one of them ‘by accident’?”

The last time they’d met was almost a month ago.  He’d been in heaven and was so lost in thoughts and dreams, that when She spoke it had almost made him jump out of his skin.  “What do you think you are doing?” She demanded, in a tone that reminded him of his strict headmistress from years ago.  “Oh, erm, n-n-nothing Mistress!” he stuttered, but She was not convinced at all.  “You are not to look up My skirt when you are on your knees!”  “Oh no Mistress,” he said, “I, I, I wasn’t.  I…”  “Yes you were and it will not do at all, will it?”

He knew the look She was giving him.  The stare from which there was no escape; but he dared not look up at Her now.  “No Mistress.  Sorry Mistress.”  “Lying to Me will not be tolerated!”  She exclaimed, in a quiet but very stern voice, leaving no room for manoeuvre.   “I’m sorry Mistress!” he said, keeping his head bowed respectfully.

The door suddenly opened and in She came.  He dared not look at Her, despite every fibre in his being begging him to do so.  She walked around him saying nothing.  He felt so exposed and vulnerable.  His body started to tremble.  “Have you thought about what you did?” She asked.  He wasn’t sure how he should answer, so in a very quiet voice he begged, “Mistress…”  “Speak up!” She demanded, “I asked you a question.”  “Yes Mistress, I have and I know I’ve been a naughty boy and deserve to be punished.”  “Good,” She said, “and punished you will be!”

To be continued…

(The above scene refers to consenting adults over the age of 18)