Foot Worship on YouTube

It amazes me how many people still don’t know I offer foot worship sessions. I get enquiries from my YouTube channel fans who’ve been watching my videos for a year or so, wondering if I would ever consider meeting in person. They are astonished to find that this is something I do all the time.

On my YouTube channel is a link to my website and Twitter, plus mention of foot worship sessions. Maybe people don’t read any of that. Maybe I need to highlight my services better. Either way, it’s a missed opportunity all round.

EDIT – I had my previous YouTube channel closed down when I did that, so it’s more discrete now 

Foot Worship Sessions

People LOVE my feet. When they’ve been watching my videos and then get up close and personal with my feet for the first time, they are overwhelmed. They can’t believe they waited all that time. On the other hand, I LOVE foot worship sessions. I adore my feet being caressed, kissed and pampered. I’m in heaven and want to do even more foot worship sessions.

Filming Day and Custom Videos

I have a new foot filming day coming up very soon, with Mike FF Photo. In fact, it’s next week! That will be a great opportunity to launch a new, long-awaited YouTube video for all to see.  We’re filming a few custom videos also, so if you’re interested in one of those, give me a shout / 07847 842254. I can tailor these around your very own fantasy… mmm just imagine!

Part of the filming day will be a photoshoot, so look out for some tasty new pics of my gorgeous feet, winging their way around Twitter!

Here’s a taster of things to come…