Sissified slave’s first visit

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I am such a fortunate slave. A few days ago I had my first meeting with Lady Godiva. I have visited many Mistresses before, but for a number of reasons cannot do so very often now I am retired. Therefore, visiting a new Mistress is taking a bit of a chance because I want each visit to be as perfect as possible. Of course, I read Lady Godiva’s excellent website and was hopeful. And I had no need to worry as I could not fault her – would I dare? She uses an excellent, well equipped dungeon. She looks beautiful. She took careful note of and delivered on the things I expressed interest in. And she still managed to introduce me to new delights of punishment. And above all she obviously enjoyed herself enormously. I felt that had a real relationship with her, from which we both derived a great deal of pleasure.

When I presented myself in her dungeon, she started by ordering me to strip and she examined me thoroughly. I was then down on my knees, worshipping her lovely shoes and feet with my lips and tongue. I was instructed to move up to her calves and I then strayed up to her bottom, and was allowed to breathe in the aroma of her lovely leather skirt. Next I was strapped down on a whipping bench and received a hard spanking from her lovely hand. How sweet it was one moment to receive the painful slap and then to feel her soft hand running over my bottom. She then started running a very sharp wheel over my bottom and over my penis and balls. This really made me squeal which gave Lady Godiva great pleasure as she giggled and laughed. A thrashing with a many thonged leather whip followed. The pain was bearable and I just loved that feel of the leather.

I can’t mention everything that happened in the packed session. The highlights were firstly the new things I had not experienced before. I told her I had had electric shock treatment before but, when she asked, I said this had not involved insertion.  When she strapped me on the medical bench, I thought she was going to put something in my anus. But no – she inserted a metal rod down my penis. The next I knew an electric current was running through it. At first it was almost pleasurable, but soon I was once more squealing as she increased the power. I kept managing to get used to it and she kept increasing the power. The other new thing was the use of a humbler. I had seen pictures of these and didn’t think my shape and flexibility would allow one to be used on me, but Lady Godiva proved me wrong. I had no idea what she was doing to me, until I felt my balls being squeezed and then found myself quite unable to stand up. I certainly hope to have that done again and perhaps more severely.

Then came the thing I most wanted. Lady Godiva produced a beautiful bright pink strapon. I knelt on a punishment stool while she lubricated the strapon and me and then it was in me. A bit painful at first, but she worked to get the right position where I was fully penetrated. She then pounded away for some time. I have had the strapon before but this was perfect. I could feel her body banging into mine as she subjected me to that total humiliation, treating me as the slut I am. Then I was given the honour of drinking her lovely nectar as she peed over me and directly into my mouth. I loved every drop. Finally there was a caning which left me with just the sort of souvenir marks that I had asked for.

I shall be saving to pay another visit soon.


Kidnap And Leather

I just had a wonderful session with Lady Godiva. I had requested a kidnap scenario, and mistress did not disappoint.As soon as she entered the room, I was under her spell. She quickly had be stripped, bound with cuffs and thrust a ball gag in my mouth. She had me where she wanted me, doing whatever she wanted with me. She isolated me in a box before putting me in a cage. Then before I knew it, she was covering me in cling film so I was even more helpless. She could strike at me at will, and I couldn’t scream or do anything….and I love it.I had informed mistress before hand that I had a real leather fetish. She especially for the occasion a superb long leather coat, which got me excited within one second. Towards the end of the session, she made me sniff every inch of that leather coat, inside and out, holding me inside. I would have quite happily have spent the rest of the day there, I was contempt.In one way, I was glad that the cuffs were removed as my hands were starting to feel numb. In another way, I wished I was kidnapped for real so I could spend more time in Lady Godiva presents. Even a few hours later, I can still smell the leather.Thank you Lady Godiva, we will meet again.


Magistrate Lady Godiva Spanks Train Pervert

Lady Godiva was open to my role play scenario and why I wanted to act it out.
I asked LG to be a magistrate sentencing and punishing an immature adult for harassing executive- dressed women on a train by peering up their skirts and seeing their knickers.
She performed this well with her high class accent and authoritive air befitting of a magistrate. I, on the other hand, felt suitably physically embarassed by being stripped naked in front of the ‘audience’ of the pervert’s victimes which included a virgin bride to be and a retired spinster school mistress. LG spoke to the victims dissapproving of my crimes.
I received the OTK spanking I deserved and a strapping that echoed around the hollow ‘courtroom’.
I worshipped LG’s feet and legs to mitigate my punishment. LG had stockings and suspenders on beneath a black skirt. Her lovely bossom thrusting from a white blouse. I wish magistrates were like this!
She allowed me to explore where permitted and grabbed my balls hard as advertised on her website.
The experience I had met expectations and I was kept hard throughout. Communication was always good and she listened to and understood my needs and limits. She played a great magistrate and I received the full allotted time.
Thank you Lady Godiva.


Out Of This World


I first contacted the beautiful Lady Godiva after seeing some info on the Venus House Parties on Twitter. These parties looked amazing and definitely something I wanted to try. Not having ever experienced a group domination party like this before, I contacted Lady Godiva knowing she was one of the organisers and asked if she could help train me and help prepare me for this experience.
After a brief chat on the phone to discuss what my limits, preferences and previous experiences were, we arranged a date.
Our first session was brilliant. Having never served like this before I was dressed up like a maid, serving drinks and generally being bossed about.
After a couple of wrongly worded answers I was given the name cheeky which was written on my forehead in red lipstick and left me feeling brilliantly humiliated.
The next session was even better. My limits were pushed further and even though I was never previously interested in watersports by the end of the session I was guzzling away and left wanting more. My limits were always respected but for Lady Godiva you want to push these at the glorious thought of pleasing her.
A truly great Mistress who knows who to get the most from her slaves.
I can’t wait until next time.


First Session With Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva was very friendly and welcoming which helped with the nerves, during the session Mistress covered all the things mentioned in the emails expertly with the nipple torture being my favourite and although could have been very cruel knew when to ease up.
Anyone who is thinking about contacting Lady Godiva shouldn’t hesitate as you won’t regret it and I hope to session with her again very soon.
Thank you so much Lady Godiva


Wax On, Wax Off. Strap-On, Strap-IN!

bdsm mistress london

Lady Godiva was kind enough to see me at a day’s notice for our introductory session. I had dithered for a while before approaching her, and not just because I always do. Her website accurately describes a fiercely clever, strong and striking Mistress, and leaves you in no doubt that she can play as hard as you are rash enough to request. I was worried that I would be too tame for her to take much satisfaction from our session. Her blog reassured me, in particular this excellent post – -with its healthy emphasis on FUN. I’m no-one’s idea of a heavy player and this set me at ease.

A friendly and efficient email exchange, a reassuring phone call on the day, and I arrived at her playspace eager to get busy and submit.

Lady Godiva has one of the finest laughs I’ve ever heard. It’s a seriously infectious chuckle which is both adorable and, when delivered with one hand crushing your nads and the other on your throat, fucking terrifying! I liked her immediately and immensely. We had a fabulous low protocol session, laughing and chatting one minute, getting serious the next. I have a spinal condition which makes some positions impossible to adopt, and can make sessions rather stop-start. She was very sensitive to this, and found ways around my inflexibility. She is clearly adept at this sort of free-form session. Sharply intelligent and verbally dextrous, she works with her sub’s limitations and confidently switches activity at whim. It was thrilling to be swept along for the ride. She decided my cock was in need of a tomb, and proceeded to coat it in layer after layer of hot wax, to the soundtrack of that chuckle, eyes sparkling wickedly in the candlelight. Lady Godiva is devastatingly gorgeous in person, shallow as I am to mention it (‘fit’, though apt in every possible sense, doesn’t begin to do her justice.)

After a concerted attempt to flog every last shard of wax from my stick and stones, Lady Godiva left me to remove any stubborn hangers-on, then reappeared in the doorway tooled up magnificently with exactly the right size strap-on. I can’t remember if she actually ordered me to scamper to her feet and take her dong to the back of my throat or if it was just a Pavlovian thing, but she had me floating by that stage. Satisfied that her cock had been tolerably worshipped, Lady Godiva set the seal on our date with a vigorous and expert pegging.

I flew home, hot and buzzing, well-used by someone who is clearly my better and knows it, but wears her superiority lightly. Why stress the obvious, after all! Thank you so much, Lady Godiva.


Naughty Penny Gets 1,000 Lashes Over 3 Days

Hello people. I am known as the schoolgirl slut. Or the school bike. Everyone loves to put their leg over me J
Have just spent the weekend with Lady Godiva in Kent, driving a red Ferrari as only a slut knows. Very fast.
My buddy Lady Godiva is a lot of fun. She giggles and laughs non-stop, no matter what sort of predicament this school slut gets herself into.
Today, we went out into the Ashdown Forrest, and the first step was branding this sluts arse. Not as painful as the slut thought it might be L
Yesterday we went shopping for a large schoolgirl uniform, but naughty Bessie Bunter been eating too many cream bums. We had to settle for an adult size 20 office girl’s outfit J
The fun included:
• Fucked up the arse with a strap on
• Buying a sailor outfit and trying it on for size lol
• Being beaten with fresh nettles
• Shopping for old fashioned foundation garments for this slut
• Have a full body wax from the neck down
• Nail extensions with pink polish and glitter
• Keeping a diary of all of Penny’s sins, and the appropriate punishment. For example, speeding, 30 strokes of the cane J
She comes highly recommended by this naughty kinky sissy slut.


Battered By Strict Mistress

I would like to share my recent experience with Mistress Lady Godiva.

Communication with Mistress was clear and straightforward. She did a great job of arranging a suitable date, time and venue for my visit to London. Welcoming and friendly is how I would describe Her when W/we met for session.

My request was for a role-play scenario where I was to be a disgruntled slave asking my Mistress for a pay rise. Included was ballbusting, trampling, foot-worship and wrestling/sparring, with Her being very strict on me. I certainly got what I bargained for and more….

As the scene got under way with me kneeling before my beautiful Mistress, making my audacious request for a slave allowance increase, I was actually quite taken aback by how severe and stern Mistress was. It was actually pretty damned frightening as She shouted at me, pushed me around and slapped my face hard. As I found my bearings though I found this rather exciting, as I like my Boss to be real strict with me. Moving swiftly on to ballbusting, I found out just how accurate Mistress can kick! Nearly every one of Her cruel kicks had me wincing and a couple of times the toe of Her shoe nearly brought tears to my eyes! Luckily Lady Godiva didn’t unleash any of Her harder kicks on me as that would have crippled me on the spot. She was keen to push my limits, and I had to shout out the safe-word, but She was also careful not to hurt me too badly.

So having survived that (just), having my balls completely crushed in Her hand, and me being used as a punchbag for a while, I was harshly ordered to lie down on my back ready for trampling. Miss stepped onto me with Her full weight almost straight away, hardly giving me time to recuperate. I enjoyed this intensity. She was wearing stockings and really high stiletto heeled shoes, which I felt were going to nail me to the floor! Mistress made absolutely sure that I suffered under Her shoes, which I did, but those feelings were slowly turning into bliss as Her heel tips dug into my flesh.

However, Lady had a kinder more nurturing side to Her, as I found out when She ordered me to crawl over to Her to kiss, lick and worship Her beautiful feet. I was in heaven when She told me I could slip off Her shoes. Mistress seemed to enjoy my foot massage, which was just as well for me, as She did warn me that I would be in serious trouble if I failed to meet Her expectations 😉

So moving to the last section of O/our play, we headed to a room with padded walls and flooring; ideal for Mistress to throw me around and totally humiliate me with Her superior strength and fighting skills. She did make me a fair offer: If I could beat Her, She would consider giving me a small increase in my earnings…. She knew damned well that I didn’t stand a chance though, and this was borne out as O/our combat kicked off. Lady was swift and put me on the floor in no time. She got straight on top of me and simply pinned me to the ground. Now, I’m quite a strong, fit guy who does the big hard exercises in the gym, but I simply couldn’t get Her off me, indeed I could hardly move; and believe me I really tried my utmost! The one fluke moment I did manage to get Lady onto Her back, She quickly pushed me down far enough to get Her feet onto my torso, then launched me backwards…. the strength this woman has is simply phenomenal! She beat me fair and square. Even though it was great fun and a huge turn-on being overpowered by such a hot, sexy woman, I did feel my male pride being dented for a while. Lady Godiva completely dominated me from start to finish!

So a bit bruised and battered, I came away from this whole experience feeling bloody amazing, and definitely want to return for more punishment. I’m going to request a longer session next time so that I can have more experience feeling like a helpless rag-doll in Mistress’s monstrous grip!! Thoroughly recommended.

Thank You Mistress!!