Wouldn’t you love to meet your perfect leather Mistress? The one that totally captures your heart and soul. Does She exist, you ask yourself? Of course She does. You’re listening to Her right now. Lean in a little closer. Go on… you know you want to smell that leather. You know you want to hear the creak of Her leather moving in that oh so gorgeous way. Where can you put yourself? Where can you hide? You know your erection is showing and you so desperately want to hide it.

Mistress continues about Her business, possibly unaware. You’re really not sure, but so grateful She hasn’t mentioned it… yet. “Oh, what have I let myself in for?” you ask. Silently of course and remembering not to stare. You tremble as you wonder what will happen during this delicious time with Mistress.

She walks towards you gracefully and you find yourself feeling like a rabbit staring into the headlights. As Mistress leans in closer, you can smell the wonderful mixture of leather and Mistress’ scent. Your neck explodes with goosebumps as She leans in closer and whispers in your ear. “You are Mine now. You have to do everything I say.”

 Without waiting for your answer, she places a collar around your neck and takes a firm hold of the lead. You automatically step up with one leg, as She pulls you up towards Her. You find the lead has already been passed over Her shoulder as She turns away from you. You struggle to keep in step as She marches along, knowing you have to stay close behind, but not too close. Your mind is racing as you see Mistress is heading for the spanking bench.


With one swift movement She pulls you into position on the bench. Your knees are slightly apart, so that your buttocks are exposed to whatever punishment Mistress has in mind. Expertly She tightens the leather straps on the bench, so that you cannot escape. You feel vulnerable, but ever so excited as you await your fate.

 You can’t turn your head enough to see what’s going on. There is a mirror in front of you, but Mistress is just out of sight. “Don’t fret My little slave” Mistress teases. You hear Her approach once again and close your eyes as you hear the swish of a whip. The delicious sting as it makes contact is followed by the increased sensation of the after sting. Mistress watches your body closely and knows the perfect time for the second stroke. Each time you compose yourself, another swish and you’re back in that sweet spot of pain you know so well.

She walks in front of you and lifts your head with one hand under your chin. “There, there,” She whispers as She moves closer still and you find yourself immersed in Her cleavage. You gasp for breath, still unable to move, and wonder if She’ll ever let you go. You hope She will, but at the same time relish in the thought of being there forever.

After what seems an eternity you are permitted to take a breath, only to find yourself back in that cosy, wonderful place again. You lose count of the times this is repeated and lose all track of time. Suddenly you realise that the straps of the spanking bench are being untied. You relish your new-found freedom for a moment, only to feel the tug on your leash again.

A leather hood is placed over your head and your mind starts to race. Standing once again, you are led towards a large cross. Your hands and feet are handcuffed to the cross and you watch Mistress walk away to select a few items.

A clamp is placed on each nipple and you relish the pain. Mistress’ leather gloved hand squeezes your cock… hard. Your balls are like putty in Her hands and you swoon as She tightens Her grip. Lost in a chaotic rush of senses, you close your eyes and wonder how long this will last. Please, please never stop is the last thing you remember thinking.

Lady Godiva is a leather Mistress offering sessions in London and north Kent. Contact Her by email serveladygodiva@gmail.com