Why is Foot Fetish Sexy?

Many people have found foot fetish sexy throughout the ages.  If you’re one of them, there really is nothing wrong with you.  Embrace it for what it is and most importantly, enjoy it!  Don’t deny yourself the erotic pleasures that foot fetish and foot worship can bring.

Termed podophilia, foot fetish is no longer widely considered a perversion.  According to research of the prevalence and membership of fetish discussion groups, it seems to be very common.

In fact, interest in foot fetish has grown significantly, with many theories on its origins.  Freud apparently thought that the foot looked like a penis.  Viewing a lying down woman’s body from the foot end, the big toe could vaguely, perhaps?

Desmond Morris, known for his TV documentaries on human behaviour, suggests  imprinting at a young age sets the pattern in people. Many people report their fascination with feet began at an early age, but it still isn’t clear why.  Is it that a young child has the feet very close to them whilst crawling on the floor?  Perhaps becoming the associated symbol of their mother?  Or was it being tickled on the feet and simultaneously becoming sexually aroused that did it?  Who knows?

Neurologist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran puts it all down to cross wiring in the brain.  He says that being right next to each other in the brain, the sensory information for feet and genitals gets mixed up.  This could explain why many get aroused when having their toes sucked.  His work has shown that some amputees have even experienced orgasms in their feet.

The earliest mention of foot fetish in history is reported to be that of Bertold of Regensburg in 1220.  A member of the Franciscan community, he was renowned for his open air preachings in villages across German-speaking Europe.  However, the only quote mentioning feet I’ve seen, relates to his perceived vanity in women for caring about their clothes:

“it is not enough for you to show your pride in your very buttonholes, but you must also send your feet to hell by special torments, ye trot this way and that way with your fine stitchings”

Finding foot fetish sexy seems to have got some people into trouble. The ‘Toe Suck Fairy’ of Arkansas was imprisoned for a year, for assaulting women and sucking their toes.  The ‘Foot Licker’ of Japan convinced a young woman to help him test his car brakes. Once in the driving seat, he held onto her ankle and indulged his foot licking fantasy for half an hour, He was also arrested for the deed.  The list goes on and on, with foot fetishists reluctant to own up to their yearnings, finding elaborate ways to get close up and personal with women’s feet.

However you like to worship feet, it’s clear that you’re not alone if you find foot fetish sexy.  You are in league with widely recognised foot lovers, such as Andy Warhol and Elvis Presley.  So, there’s a claim to fame for you.  You may well think twice before using that one-liner as an icebreaker at social functions or on a first date!

What’s your earliest memory of foot fetish becoming desirable?  Or is it purely an aesthetic appreciation for you?  When did you first realise that you were into foot fetish?  Leave a comment below…

Lady Godiva is a foot fetish enthusiast and holds regular foot fetish sessions at Her London and Kent chambers. Contact Her for an exclusive one-to-one session.

My YouTube channel is totally devoted to the wonderful delights of foot fetish.  It’s called http://www.youtube.com/c/LadyGodivaMistress Make sure you check it out as it contains so many foot fetish sexy delights, you just wouldn’t believe!


Foot Fetish Fun with Trampling and Bananas

Foot Fetish Scenario

“Look at you lying there, all pathetic.  You have a foot fetish and I have you under my feet and I’m going to play awhile.  Gently… gently.  Ooh, ooh can I resist?  No I can’t.  I have to crush; I have to squash.  Squish, squash.  Ooh to feel it under my feet; it’s delightful.  I love the sexy feeling as it comes through between my toes.  Oh a bit fell off.  Oh, oh a bit more!  My greedy, hungry feet searching for more morsels all the time.  Ah, ooh, it’s becoming a lovely, lovely warm mess underfoot now.  I’m enjoying this so much.  Wish you were here to see it properly.  Have a look.  Ooh those wrinkled soles, covered in banana.  This one too.  Stuck between my toes.  Look, just rub it off onto my feet.  Ooh rub it up my leg a little.  Ah between the toes how divine!”

Foot worship, messy fetish, toe sucking and trampling are just a few of the many foot fetish sessions I offer in either my London or Kent chambers. Foot fetish is a sexy treat and combining it with messy fun with food or goo and other sloppy items make an enjoyable and sometimes funny scene with your professional mistress. Book now

BDSM Mistress Lady Godiva High Class Dominatrix

So who really is Lady Godiva, the BDSM Mistress?  I’m a classy, sassy kind of a Lady who happens to have a penchant for BDSM.  Can’t help it, it’s just the way I am.  That’s how I ended up becoming a Professional Dominatrix and BDSM Mistress.  It’s the career of My dreams!  I’m nearly black and blue for pinching Myself! No, I’m not really covered in bruises!!

I’m from a damn good background and know how to present Myself socially.  Take Me to dinner and you’ll find out.  If that scares you, then it’s a one-to-one you want.  All you have to do is go to My contact page and I’ll set you up with a very private session, where you can gently and slowly explore your desires.  Discretion is assured and I’ll always respect your limits.

However, if you’re feeling a tad more adventurous….

Why not take Me to a social or work occasion?  Believe Me, I can blend into the situation so that no one would ever know.  Pass Me off as your daughter or trophy wife, whether you’re an older gent or a younger man…and not necessarily in that order!  That kind of evening would be hilarious for both of us!  I’d have such fun with it and never give the game away.  I can dodge social bullets with ease. Obviously you’ll want to get to know Me before embarking on such a maverick evening, but we could both have such a laugh with it.  Add BDSM play to the mix and what more could you want?  This is something I do with My regular clients and it has proved very popular indeed.

Perhaps it’s more of an outdoor experience you’re after.  Well I’m totally at home in the great outdoors.  I love nature and totally get the buzz of outside play.  It can be very erotic, especially combined with the fear of being caught in the act.  I’ve been known to tie My slaves to a tree while I give them a good beating.  Don’t fret, I will release you afterwards.  I’m skilled at choosing the perfect location so as not to get caught, but just supposing it were to happen I can quickly cover you up and spin a yarn to get us out of immediate trouble, while we make our quick escape.  All very hilarious while we reflect on it over a tipple in a nearby pub or restaurant.  Those are the priceless moments that keep us all alive!

Are you up for it? Just let Me know and I’ll make all the necessary arrangements 😉

Punished by Mistress

“You’ve been a very naughty boy and you deserve to be punished by Mistress.” is all he could remember Her saying.  He’d been alone in the room only a few minutes, but it seemed like a lifetime.  “Wait in there and think about what you’ve done.”  he heard through the closed door.  As instructed, he’d lowered his trousers and pants and was bent over the whipping bench.  So many thoughts raced through his mind.  “What will She do to me?”  “Will I stand the pain?”  “How long will I have to wait?”  “Will I enjoy it and get an erection?  Oh how embarrassing!  Will I be punished for that too?”

His heart raced as he wondered if he’d be lucky enough to be bent over Her knee for a spanking.  “Will I manage to catch a glimpse of Her thighs?”  “Would She notice if I touched one of them ‘by accident’?”

The last time they’d met was almost a month ago.  He’d been in heaven and was so lost in thoughts and dreams, that when She spoke it had almost made him jump out of his skin.  “What do you think you are doing?” She demanded, in a tone that reminded him of his strict headmistress from years ago.  “Oh, erm, n-n-nothing Mistress!” he stuttered, but She was not convinced at all.  “You are not to look up My skirt when you are on your knees!”  “Oh no Mistress,” he said, “I, I, I wasn’t.  I…”  “Yes you were and it will not do at all, will it?”

He knew the look She was giving him.  The stare from which there was no escape; but he dared not look up at Her now.  “No Mistress.  Sorry Mistress.”  “Lying to Me will not be tolerated!”  She exclaimed, in a quiet but very stern voice, leaving no room for manoeuvre.   “I’m sorry Mistress!” he said, keeping his head bowed respectfully.

The door suddenly opened and in She came.  He dared not look at Her, despite every fibre in his being begging him to do so.  She walked around him saying nothing.  He felt so exposed and vulnerable.  His body started to tremble.  “Have you thought about what you did?” She asked.  He wasn’t sure how he should answer, so in a very quiet voice he begged, “Mistress…”  “Speak up!” She demanded, “I asked you a question.”  “Yes Mistress, I have and I know I’ve been a naughty boy and deserve to be punished.”  “Good,” She said, “and punished you will be!”

To be continued…

(The above scene refers to consenting adults over the age of 18)

BDSM Sessions with London Mistress

BDSM Sessions with London Mistress

BDSM sessions with London Mistress Lady Godiva

BDSM Mistress London“What will happen to me?”  I hear you ask.  “How do I know if I’ll like BDSM?”  “How should I approach Her?”  Well much of whether this BDSM session ends up being a successful encounter depends entirely upon you.

I like a nice, polite email enquiry to start with.  That always gets My attention far better than something rude or offhand.  Make a point of reading My website, as it details the best way to get in touch.  There’s even a contact form containing questions, so half the thinking is already done for you.  My website clearly states that I do not offer sexual services, so can you imagine My disdain when I find that someone has obviously not bothered to read this?

So you’ve finally plucked up the courage to fill out the contact form, or you’ve drafted a courteous email asking Me how I am and outlining your interests.  What next?  I’ll tell you what next.  You wait.  Occasionally I will reply immediately.  That’s when you’ve been lucky and found Me catching up on My emails right now.  Usually it will be the same day that I reply, but sometimes it takes a few days, as I have a very interesting and busy life.  Patience is a virtue.

However, having said that, I do understand the anguish of anticipation.  Sometimes it can feel as though one will burst if a reply does not come soon.  It has been known for emails to lurk in my junk folder and be unseen for a few weeks.  For that reason I will allow you to follow up on your email enquiry if you have not heard from Me within a couple of days.  I will not punish you unduly for this 😉

I read your email and hopefully it excites Me enough to consider having a session with you.  If you have put your phone number in the email, rest assured I will not ring it unless you have let Me know a convenient day and time to do so.  I will email to ask you for further details.  We will then agree upon a date, time and location.

I like to ask for a £50 deposit to secure the booking.  I’ll then send you My mobile number and details of the location.  I like to have a chat over the ‘phone a day or so before the BDSM session, as I feel both of us will benefit from this.

You will arrive at the location at the agreed time.  We have a pre-session chat to settle the nerves and make sure everything is OK, then you’ll change and the session starts.  Afterwards there will be time for a chat about how it all went.  “But what happens between getting changed and the after-session chat?” you ask.

Foot fetish Mistress LondonThe session itself will last an hour or however long you have booked.  Every session is different.  You may have provided copious details of your interests and how you envisage the session to unfold.  This can work well and many very happy slaves have headed out the door after such a session.  But don’t try to ‘top from the bottom’ thinking that I need to be instructed and manipulated, like a puppet on a string.  It won’t work as I will spot this and will reprimand you!  On the other hand, sensible suggestions are welcome.

“Oh how on Earth am I going to ever find the right balance in BDSM?” you cry.  Ask Me.  It’s that simple.  Right from the start you have that opportunity.  In the email conversations and especially during the pre-session chat.  I’ll soon let you know if something is not right.

BDSM Mistress London
I’ve held all sorts of BDSM sessions from abductions to foot and boot worship, feminisation and housework, to total deprivation and torture.  Obviously the extreme sessions are by request.  I wouldn’t dream of totally surprising a complete newbie novice with an unplanned needle play session.  Nor would I use My cane on someone who says they can’t handle any kind of pain.

BDSM and Ballbusting Mistress LondonIf you’re stuck for ideas, you can of course just leave the whole thing to Me.  Let Me know 3 things you like or like the sound of, and 3 things you hate or really don’t wish to try.  I’ll work out the rest.  I have a talent for judging the dynamics and situation.  So although you’ll be pushed a little out of your comfort zone (and wouldn’t you be disappointed if you weren’t) I’ll not push too far during our first meeting.  Well at least I’ll try not to.

I must confess it hasn’t gone perfectly every single time.  There was a slave who’d asked for corporal punishment and role play.  He was so traumatised being interrogated by Me as a military officer, that he fled after just 10 minutes.  I’d not had a chance to even start on the corporal punishment part.  How disappointing!  Mind you, by 9.30 that evening he emailed to book another session, which went very well by the way…just with no role-play included that time.

I have some special regulars who return time and time again.  I enjoying building the relationship so that each session grows and flourishes.  I know them inside and out…quite literally in some cases!

I can be kind, but only where kindness is appropriate.  I have no patience for brattish behaviour.  Sulk at your own peril.  I can be understanding, but not when you are being over demanding.  I can be forgiving, but not when you are being petulant.  I can be sensuous and seductive, but not when you are being needy or overbearing.  I can be everything you ever wished for, or I can be your worst nightmare….the choice is yours and Mine but definitely not in that order.

Are you ready?


Lady Godiva holds most of Her BDSM sessions at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite, Better Than a Bed and two private dungeons – one between The Oval and Brixton, and the other not far from Dartford in Kent.  Other locations can be arranged.

Time to get your kinky boots on – bootfetish Mistress

I’ve always loved the change of seasons.  Much as I love to wear stiletto sandals that show off My very lick-able, painted toes and slender arches; autumn has begun and My passion for boots is rekindled.  I delight as I gently feed a foot into a kinky boot, pointing My toes as I do so.  It’s even better, when there is a slave on hand to do this for you, after a delicious foot worship session with lots of massage.  Nylon clad, or barefoot, the experience is pure delight for Me.  Then massaging the tall leg of the boot up the calf, over the knee and up to My thigh.  A slow, careful zipping up and we’re done…well nearly.  Of course I then like to stand over My slave and if he’s lucky, allow him to admire his handiwork.  Then he may ask permission to watch Me as I strut around the room, feeling wonderfully sexy and truly magnificent in My kinky boots.

There’s something very sensual about a boot.  Particularly one with a high, pointed heel.  I really get the whole bootfetish and shoefetish thing.  I have these fetishes Myself.  My wardrobe is bulging with boots and shoes, yet I still can’t resist buying more.  I find ‘shoe porn’ is prevalent in every high street and I am often to be found gazing at beautiful footwear with My eyes shining brightly; fingering the leather and heels as I walk by and on to the next.  I have to take an occasional sniff, as I find the smell of leather so intoxicating.

Even as a small child I’d linger whenever I passed a leather stall at a market, sometimes staying far longer than it took to look at all the merchandise.  I used to wonder what it would be like to surround yourself with leather all day and considered a career as a leather worker for a while.  I still think about it from time to time, but now prefer to surround Myself with leather in other ways!

So with a new season upon us, I’m bound to be tempted with a new pair of kinky boots before too long.  Watch this space, as there will be photographs and session opportunities arising from My new purchases.  I may even need a new wardrobe to accommodate my ever growing collection!

Lady Godiva holds most of Her sessions at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite, Better Than a Bed and a dungeon not far from Dartford in Kent.

What does BDSM mean to Lady Godiva?

What does BDSM mean to Lady Godiva?

Even the letters BDSM mean different things to different people.  Some say it’s strictly ‘bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism’, while others insist the D is for dominance and the S for submission.  I don’t feel it really matters all that much, as BDSM seems to have become a word in its own right.  Reference to BDSM is fairly commonplace these days, even more so since the recent popularity of ‘50 Shades of Grey’ in today’s mainstream society.

Ballbusting Mistress LondonTo Me BDSM is a delicious combination of many things, all wrapped up in a spicy, electric blanket of fun.   It’s all things kink…whatever that means to anyone.  For some that means an occasional buttock spank while making love; while for others it’s being locked naked and alone in a dark cell for hours, after a cruel beating.

I see it as truly limitless.  An infinite expanse of imagination and human consciousness.  But to Me, most of all it’s fun.  I do love a sense of humour and a rapport with My clients, even if this is just in the pre-session chat.  Don’t get Me wrong, I can be very stern and serious in a session, but I have also had many occasions where all that can be heard is laughter from both / all of us.  Being too serious just for the sake of it isn’t what it’s all about to Me. 

Foot fetish Mistress LondonDifferent strokes for different folks.  Something that makes one person reel back in horror, is the ultimate pleasure to another.  Take foot fetish and foot worship, for instance.  Some people cannot abide anyone touching their feet, or worse still the thought of touching someone else’s.  Yet for a huge percentage of people, foot worship is something they have craved and obsessed about since very early childhood.  They may not necessarily refer to it as ‘fun’, but certainly very a pleasurable experience indeed.  Sacred moments when they feel truly at service to their Mistress.

Mention ‘ballbusting’ to most people and they wince at the mere thought…be they male or female.  Whereas this is a very popular kink with online forums and interest groups worldwide.   I’m sure there are far more mainstream ‘vanilla’ types that would really enjoy it, if only they allowed themselves to try.

However much I already know about BDSM, as with everything in life, there is always so much more to learn.  That really keeps the whole thing alive for Me.  I’ve always enjoyed learning new skills and expanding My experiences, and love hearing about unusual kinks and interests.  I particularly enjoy the part I play in enabling someone to live their dreams.

So what is it?  It’s the dynamic between Domme/Dom and sub (D/s) which must be respected and tended well, in order for it to flourish.  It’s the skipped heartbeat and sparkle in the eye when the playroom door opens; the anticipation and yearning that comes from whispering your interests to an understanding ‘other’.  And it’s the feeling of completeness when you know that you have been true to yourself.

London Mistress BDSMSo come hither and whisper in My ear.  I’m always listening!



Lady Godiva is a BDSM London Mistress who holds most of Her sessions in and around London and Kent

Foot worship – serve your Mistress

Foot worship – serve your Mistress

foot fetish, foot worship, London Mistress

I am one of the lucky ones, blessed with the tools to get what I want.  Being on the receiving end of foot worship makes Me tick and I have perfect feet that just demand attention.  A match made in heaven if you ask Me!

Well let Me tell you, foot worship means everything to Me!  It all starts with the feet.  When your gaze dares to move from floor to foot, then further.  Who among you immediately returns to the foot, or at least lingers there far longer that those who dare to continue up the leg and beyond?  Who indeed?  You know who you are! Ha ha, guilty as charged.  You are a foot worshipper and proud you should be.

foot worship, foot fetish, London MistressBut while you are worshipping away, lost in a dream, I am in heaven.  I long for the gentle caresses, licks and kisses to foot, shoe and boot alike.  From the first touch, I feel a sense of euphoria that transcends all thought.  I too am lost in a dream.  It is pure service as far as I am concerned.  A service I could happily receive forever.

In the past I’ve had people apologise profusely for their dog licking My feet.  I’d absentmindedly say, “Oh don’t worry, I’m not bothered.” Secretly wishing for it never to stop.  How disappointed I’d be when the embarrassed owner would whisk their dog away.  I now have no remorse or guilt over such things!  A human foot worshipper is preferable though, as you can tell them for how long, where and when to worship.  Plus there is the added bonus of massage, which takes things to a new level altogether.

The feeling of being pampered is absolute.  If I could bottle that feeling I’d out market any massage parlour.  Just one sniff of the prized essence would be all anyone needed to feel totally relaxed and healed.  Works for Me every time!

foot worship, foot fetish, London mistress


Lady Godiva is a foot worship London Mistress who holds most of Her sessions in and around London and Kent

Mistress’s Ballbusting Extravaganza – Part 2

Mistress’s Ballbusting Extravaganza – Part 2

Ballbusting Origins

I remember as a small child the urge to squeeze My pet hamster was almost unbearable.  Resist as I might, every now and then I found Myself drawn in, as if by a strong magnet.  I’d watch as My hands formed a perfect noose around its body.  I pretended to Myself that if I locked My interlaced fingers and held fast, the feeling of pressure on just My hands would be enough.  I knew all along it was really only a matter of time before I tricked Myself into forcing past the lock and allowing My hands to slowly get tighter.  I just couldn’t resist.  A satisfying squeeze and I’d let go.  A momentary look of horror on the hamster’s face would be immediately be followed by its release.  I’d feel guilty but no real harm done I thought.  I felt exhilarated and satisfied… but only until the next time.

About Ballbusting: This is just how I feel when I have a pair of balls in My hands.  I try to resist, but I can’t.  The fingers tighten and there’s nothing I can do about it.  It is so, so satisfying.  But now I have willing victims.  Not a small animal that I mustn’t hurt, but subs and slaves that want to please Me and who allow Me to indulge in My urges.  I delight as I watch My fingers encase that delicate package and squeeze.  I no longer have to control Myself but can continue to feel the euphoria that only a true sadist understands while ballbusting.  The soaring, heady, triumphant bliss that melts into one liberating rush of power.  You could light whole cities with that energy.  It is boundless and eternal.

I can almost feel My body lifting off the ground as I begin to laugh.  It starts with a few giggles here and there, quickly developing into a proper laugh.  That’s when you know I am truly enjoying myself.  Oh don’t stop Me now whatever you do.  There’s no turning back; you’re here to stay.  My victim!

Elastic bands are a favourite of Mine for ballbusting.  They can be twined and twisted around and around until those balls bulge so much that the scrotal skin is as shiny as a polished mirror.  I can almost see My reflection in them when they look like that.  They’re fully primed for a good, hard flick with the fingers and a slap from side to side.  Another firm squeeze and My pulse is rising.  I’m on a high and My thoughts are running wild.

A scan around the room reveals a myriad of items.  I want something useful …something now…where, what…I spy a parachute and quickly fasten it just above those bulging balls.  A final tighten and it’s secure.  Now the weights to hang upon it…one, two, three.  “Enough?”  I enquire with a raised brow, as I support the weights in My hand.  “Hm?” the confused sub responds.  “Oh dear” I sigh as I let the weights fall, “That wasn’t the correct answer, was it?” “Hmfnarhhh!” the sub replies.  More weight needed obviously, or this conversation is going nowhere.

London Dominatrix, ballbusting, London MistressIt’s amazing how much attention you can get when you have a handful of balls.  You literally can get someone to follow you anywhere.  A giant of a male can be transformed into a meek, pathetic creature begging for mercy.  Crush those balls on a plank of wood and he’ll do anything you say.  Stand on them, thump them, slap and poke them.  There are endless ballbusting adventures to be had, with never a dull day again.  If you’ve not already tried it now is the time.  If you have…well you know exactly what I mean, don’t you!

Lady Godiva is a ballbusting London Mistress who holds most of Her sessions in and around London and Kent. Contact Information can be found her

Ballbusting extravaganza by Ballbusting London Mistress Lady Godiva

Ballbusting extravaganza by Ballbusting London Mistress Lady Godiva

What do I like about ballbusting?  Well what is there not to like?  With My years of martial arts training I have a strong, swift kick that surprises many a sub, plus a grip of iron that should truly terrify you.  Think not of Me as a weak, pathetic female!  You have been warned!

I see ballbusting as a fine art rather than brute force and ignorance.  Punches and kicks need to be well aimed or many will hit the thigh and other areas, missing that ‘sweet spot’ only to be found within a scrotal sack.  This really doesn’t have the same effect at all.

Although I can play hard – very hard – I can also gauge exactly how hard to play when dealing with a cautious newbie who is just trying things out.  This is very important so as not to put someone off; spoiling all the fun and enjoyment they could be getting.  Just enough to test the limits without taking things too far.

London ballbusting MistressI’ve been perfecting My kicks and punches for years.  Many an hour spent hitting pads and targets.  Often human, moving targets which is so much more fun.  It takes skill to be able to punch and kick with power, especially from a short distance.  This has proved very useful particularly in the small confines of some dungeons I know, but also when someone is trussed into a position where access to the vital area is somewhat limited.  I can simply exert a sudden burst of pressure through the ball of My foot, without even needing to break contact, and still end up packing a strong kick.  I delight in the look on the face of My victims with that trick!

I’m always on the lookout for a new workout to keep fit and ballbusting fits right in there alongside aerobics and bootcamp.  Especially when I’m lucky enough to be face to face with a painslut that just wants Me to keep going.  Oh did I mention that I never tire?  Well I don’t.  My stamina levels are very high and I love to work up a good sweat.  So if you really want to test your limits, then you’ve come to the right place.

But it’s not just punches and kicks I that are My specialities.  Once I get hold of your dangly bits there’s no escape.  With just My hands you’ll be lifted up onto tippy toes, desperately trying to get higher to lessen the pain.  All the while listening to Me laughing as I watch your pathetic attempt to make things easier for yourself.

I love to stretch, twist, pull and squeeze.  Like putty in My hands…oh joy!  This is all without the need for any equipment whatsoever.  Once gadgets are added to the mix, along with My furtive imagination, you’d better break out the smelling salts because you’re in for a rough ride.

London ballbusting MistressI’m always on the lookout for a new way to bust balls.  There are many things designed for such fun, but I like the use of simple household implements too, such as barbeque tongs…snip, snap.  Every time I go shopping I spot something.  Nut crackers, staplers, bendy rulers, golf balls (good target practice), elastic bands, meat tenderisers, ping pong bats, wood clamps, the list goes on.  A length of twine always comes in handy, oh and the things I can do with a rolling pin!!  Where’s My apron?

I have a particularly evil pair of boots that I like to wear on occasion, but I must say one of My most powerful kicks wearing those would not be for the faint-hearted.  Anyone care to try?

London ballbusting Mistress




Lady Godiva is a ballbusting London Mistress who holds most of Her sessions in and around London and Kent