Dog Training with Leather Mistress

How I love dog training sessions. To have you under my complete control. Following me everywhere, obeying my every command.
You can hear my leather garments creaking with every movement I make through the lovely doggie hood you’re wearing. Sniffing Mistress’s scent while it lingers tantalisingly in the air behind every stiletto-heeled footstep.
You really look the part and hesitate for a moment as you catch sight of yourself in a mirror. “Here boy!” I call. “Come!” Your attention is now back where it should be and you rush eagerly towards me.
“Good boy” I say soothingly as I stroke your head. These tender moments are what you crave as you follow my command. Your loyal nature wishes more than anything to serve and please your Mistress. “Fetch!” and off you go again, chasing the ball I just threw.
You wonder how it would be to live like this day in and day out. Eating your meals from a dog bowl on the floor. Sleeping at the foot of my bed. But for now, you have to keep your concentration to ensure you don’t slip up and get into trouble. You learnt some new commands last time and you’re eager to show how well you remember them.
The time passes quickly and you find yourself once again re-entering the ‘normal world’ outside. Dressed in human clothing feels so strange after being immersed in your doggie world with Mistress. After a few hours you get back into ‘normal life’ but still hanker after your next training session.
It can be a very intense experience to totally give in to such a roleplay session. My slaves forget who they are and become one with the fantasy. I find that I do the same, immersing myself wholeheartedly. This is probably where all the power and energy comes from, as I forget about everything else when I am in session.
All I can think about is what is happening right there and then.
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